GM Kills Saturn, Oldsmobile & Its Own Spirit

I got called a downer back in February when I

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2 Responses to “GM Kills Saturn, Oldsmobile & Its Own Spirit”

  1. Tanner Christensen Says:

    As someone a bit younger, the feeling I get about Saturn is nothing other than: “Who?”

    While I had never heard of the Saturn manifesto - the company was started a year before I was even born - it sounds like something I would have loved to be a part of. A car company that focuses on people above cars? Brilliant.

    This leads me to believe that you’re dead on about GM’s mistake being they weren’t letting Saturn be the independent, wild-child of the family.

    Maybe a bumped PR campaign, new-age marketing, a bit of social interaction could have saved the brand. I’m sure that I’m not the only one in my generation who is confused about Saturn… to me, and those my age, Saturn has always been one of those “old folks” auto companies.


  2. letterhead Says:

    Opel…. not Opal

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