Kanye Swift: A Marriage Made In Heaven

Wherefore art thou, decorum?


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3 Responses to “Kanye Swift: A Marriage Made In Heaven”

  1. CraftLass Says:

    Ummm, you do know country music out-sells everything, right? You can tell by the hit levels of various forms of music. For example, a rock/pop artist is doing well if they hit gold record status and is a bona fide star at platinum. A country artist that makes it to just below platinum might lose their record deal from the disappointing sales. Only in uber-urban (mostly coastal) areas does country not sell, I will agree with you on that, but country rules everywhere else.

    In fact, in many areas it’s hard to find one or more non-country commercial radio station because everything else fails. It taught me to make sure to always have plenty of music for road trips for the sections between NPR areas!

    The only reason Taylor Swift needed a boost is she’s not that good at country OR pop. I totally agree it was staged, though (worked in that awful industry for a long time and EVERYTHING is fake).

  2. online branding Says:

    While I’m more in favor of wardrobe malfunctions, I thought this was well executed.

    It quickly became obvious that it was staged after the fact, but when first seeing it was well done.

    Another question; how would someone be able to jump on stage in the first place? These things are well choreographed. Remember the oscars when the guy jumped on stage? I’m sure security at these awards shows have been stepped up since that.

    I suppose, with regards to the above comment, this is why P Diddy chose the country girl (who was talented and all) on his tv show starmaker.

  3. Cristiano Ronaldo Says:

    Kanye was incredible at VMAs

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