Nobody Out-Novaked Novak

Robert Novak was a man.

He served our country honorably during the Korean War; was an excellent journalist; and was, in very many ways, a pioneer in cable news. His six-times-weekly Evans-Novak Political Report was

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  1. Tiran Says:

    How can you say that leaking leaking the name of a covert CIA agent in a newspaper, without reason other than political retribution “may” have been a bad choice? How can there be any doubt that it was a bad decision? That single action, which as you correctly noted, is what he will be remembered for, destroyed his credibility with any rational observer and has probably permantly tarnished his otherwise sterling legacy. And I say that as a (albeit non-american) conservative. It is a text book example for ethics in journalism. Risking another persons life for partisan points is repugnant.

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