Is Socialism The Norm & We Just Don

The country is currently immersed in a wide-ranging (and healthy) discussion about health care. This overhaul of the for-profit system we use is alarmingly overdue so the debate is on in every city and town.

Without going into detail for days, some Democrats, including President Obama, are trying to enact a plan that would revamp the entire industry. Part of it would mean Americans could essentially purchase low-cost insurance from the Government. This is called

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  1. Wellescent Health Blog Says:

    Not only is the use of the term socialism inappropriate given the availability of well-accepted public services, it is also used only when it is convenient. When the Feds are on foreign trade missions trying to promote trade agreements, none of the business elite are screaming socialism over this government involvement. Somehow the government’s activities in lubricating commerce are okay, but tax earnings made or spend that money and you are a socialist.

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