Google Voice: Death Of Phone As We Loved It

Few people noticed when Google shelled out $95 mill for a startup called GrandCentral in 2007. The company

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2 Responses to “Google Voice: Death Of Phone As We Loved It”

  1. Tyler Hurst Says:

    Are we supposed to love Google Voice? I don’t trust my phone communication to be dependent on what is basically VoIP.

    Isn’t it time that we stop and think if we really want everything to be Google?

  2. Tanner Christensen Says:

    While I haven’t tried Google Voice (let alone read into it any more than from this post), it does sound like the future of the “phone”, hands down.

    What worries me about this “death of the phone as we loved it” idea is that it becomes just another excuse for ISPs to put on the spurs and start digging higher prices and bandwidth control into you and I, the average consumer.

    If everything starts going to the web - much as it has begun to with the iPhone and mobile web - what’s to stop ISPs from “ruling the world”? is the internet service industry becoming the new auto industry?

    Anyway, enough ranting from me. Great topic to think about!

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