Are you In?: Fame 101


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  1. Narciso Tovar, Big Noise Communications Says:

    Far too many people get fame for being
    * notorious
    * pretty
    * messy
    * out of control

    Thankfully, we have comedians (male & female) that poke fun at these kinds of things and people. Unfortunately, this kind of crud is what sells magazines, banner ads on websites, etc. We have far too much of a fascination with these people.

    Unfortunately, like Richard, I find these kinds of people to be more humorous than not…I mean, how can these people take themselves that SERIOUSLY..???!! While I can’t speak for Richard personally, for me, it’s the trainwreck effect - it’s hard to pull yourself away from watching. You’ve gotta pull yourself away from the area.

    Hence, Richard’s advice on not watching the TMZ show and others like it….sigh…while it may be hard at first, it very well may give us the time we’ve been losing from doing things that need to be done…like volunteering, reading a book….oooohh, The Soup is on…!!!

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