Madonna. One Word for Hype…

Madonna seems to have a case of Girls Gone Wild-itis. Five years after swapping spit with Britney and X-tina, The Material Mom has proven again there

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2 Responses to “Madonna. One Word for Hype…”

  1. D Robb Says:

    Oh dear…she wins again. The only way she could lose is if you stopped writing about her — which you didn’t. Silly boy…she’s still got a hold on you.

  2. Wilfrid Says:

    Good observation you’ve made. Though I must say, I am more drawn to her actual music in the era of Erotica and before than the hypes she is trying to create. In fact none of the hype actually works for me, maybe it is how she looks, maybe it is her age.

    Reinventing, ever evolving her image is fine. Only if there is substance (in this case, great music) that goes along with it. But if you put yourself into her shoes as you are approaching the Big 50, what else can you do to lift up your career? Especially when your career is built on hype rather than your actual music capability?

    It is a desperate act, for sure. And I would blame her team of image consultants for not positioning her well. Perhaps.

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