The Long Winter: Stay Indoors For Happiness

babe.jpgIt has been a never ending winter here in New York. My winter blues have been longing for the chance to spend a single day outside, lounge in the park, lunch outdoors, check out street fair or two

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  1. Wilfrid Wong Says:


    I too have the same experience here. I resisted turning on the PC hoping to read some books but instead, sucked into Facebook and the blogsphere and before I knew it, I spent hours on what planned to be a 5 minutes routine browse.

    I was about to say (before your last paragraph) that people here do go outdoor … but with their PC and Wi-fi - by the pool/beach or at a coffee cafe, enjoying the sun, the companions of others (strangers?) and surf (the Internet).

    PS. Is that you in the picture?! Erm … not a babe definitely … ha ha ha.

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