Facebook. It’s a verb, it’s an adjective, it’s a voyeuristic bonafied stalking tool. I can’t get enough of it nowadays.

When I cannot fall sleep, instead of counting sheep or watching latenight reruns of poker shows, I travel to Facebookland. I visit profiles of friends, then friends of friends, then friends of friends of friends and so on. I look through photo albums and compare movie taste. Don’t judge, you do it too

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  1. navigatum-aestuatum.info Says:


    @AT Please expand on your ideas about why the US not being a leader in any way invalidates following Google

  2. Wilfrid Wong Says:

    Hi Richard,

    I haven’t got myself into this Facebook wagon until recently. I do run my own site with my own name so in principle, I am pretty open to letting people to know how I am, how I feel.

    Facebook, to me, is a pretty powerful social networking site too. It doesn’t connect me to old friends back in more than 20 years ago whom I have lost touch with (even my ex-girlfriends!). It is much more powerful than other sites.

    The world has changed in a way that we are no longer as private as before. Things that we do, we say, can be published in someone else’s blogsite on the same day without us knowing it. In Singapore, where I live, citizens or residents can take pictures using their phones on the street and text the image with text to our national newspaper agency. Citizen journalist is powerful but yet, it also means that we are no longer living in our own little world.

    The fact that I write all this text in your website at this moment perhaps silently granting you the right to publish and use it in whichever way you like … also means that all these things we talk about here in your blog entry is not only about Facebook.

    Just my humble thoughts.

    Wilfrid Wong

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